Itinerant traveler, dancer, athlete, girl with the spinach in her teeth: a multi-media profile on Sara Close

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Sara Close. Photo: Ashley Davis Tilly

“Am I doing this out of fear and out of what could happen? Am I guarded? Or am I doing this out of love and am I open to the fullest this situation could become?”

A friend suggested to Sara Close in 2008 that she make her New Year’s resolution to do things out of love instead of fear, and this has been her mantra ever since. Close recently sat down with Stonewear Designs to chat with us about the flow of her life, her dancing, athletic and film endeavors, non-profit work, and so many other things.

“I don’t think you can live to your fullest potential without having that strong vision,” Close says. “You have to have that strong inner vision in order to have any sort of level of triumph.” Close’s early visions were of professional dancing. And while she didn’t pursue a career in the long run, all her athletic endeavors since have been related in some way to dance.  She surfs, kiteboards, rock climbs, hang glides, paddleboards (Class III/IV in whitewater!), among other things, and she splits her time between the mountains (Colorado often, Montana this last year) and the ocean (Baja, Mexico the last few years) so that she can do all these things.

“When you’re dancing it’s all about the dynamics … it’s about slowing things down and finding that moment of suspension,” she explains. “When you’re climbing, catching a wave, or paddling, whatever it is, there are those dynamics that I still find, and that feels very dancy to me.”

But, she adds, the moments she feels most alive are the moments she gives back. Close has been involved with numerous non-profits. Whether it’s been ocean conservation related with the Colorado Ocean Coalition or the 5 Gyres Institute or with her present client Women’s Voices for the Earth, she aims to advance both organizational and personal visions for affecting change in the world. She even embarked on a journey to the South Pacific in a boat called the Sea Dragon looking for plastic pollution (read more about the Sea Dragon’s adventures by clicking here.) As well, she produced the non-profit Boulder Adventure Film Fest in 2012, worked for years for the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, and she currently is a nonprofit consultant.

Close in an advertisement for Denver Energy

Close fell into film making with her boyfriend, Seth Warren. The couple just finished a project called “Live The Dream,” which is about the pursuit of learning how to hang glide.  The film is now in the international film festival circuit. As well, she recently took part in the making a film for the series, Wild Love, where she discussed the loss of her partner and soul mate climber Johnny Copp, and how she’s learned to keep an open heart and love again. Check out her video by clicking here.

Though her life is busy and full, Close never forgets that first and foremost, she needs to take care of herself. She lives in inspiring places, takes care of her physical body, and tries to stay balanced. And from that calm, connected place, she feels she is able to give back the most.

To learn more about Close’s inspiring lifestyle, check out our Inner Visions, Outer Triumphs video interivew.

Article by Lizzy Scully
Photo by Ashley Davis Tilly
Video by Brad Clement

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  1. Sara Close, you are a beautiful woman inside and out! Such an inspiration and great role model to women everywhere 🙂