Our 2013-2014 Ambassador Team!

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We received so many impressive applications to our 2013-2014 Ambassador Program this summer, and had some pretty difficult decisions to make! Each ambassador applicant had something unique and amazing to offer, and we loved connecting with new women and communities. We want to thank everyone who sent in applications and recommendations–we hope to stay in […]

Embrace Your Personal Healthy Weight

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There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is confident in her own body. Wouldn’t you agree? Especially when she possesses that comfort level regardless of the size of her body. The trick to this confidence is arriving at that point yourself, where you embrace your own personal healthy weight. I’m a firm believer that every […]

Double Cross: Double Duty

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Working, six months pregnant, and a mom to two little boys–it’s enough to leave anyone a little frazzled. Between the exhaustion and my expanding body, getting outdoors has become more and more difficult. For awhile, I was worried about maintaining my active lifestyle (this is, in fact, my first pregnancy as my other two children […]