Running at Any Age: How Old is Too Old?

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Running at Any Age: How Old Is Too Old? By Terri Barry My sister-in-Law, Karen Karbo, an awesome bestselling author recently coined this phrase: “Imagine a life where you are never too anything for anything.”  -Karen Karbo Coming home from my most recent climbing trip my climbing partner, in his mid-30’s, asked me if I […]

Best Running Clothes for Fall

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The Best Fall Running Top I’ve always been a fan of running in insulated compression shirts (I’m pretty sure it’s a result of wearing them as a softball player in Washington and Maine). If I need more warmth, I just add another layer. That was until I tried Stonewear’s new Alpha Hoody. This fall, the […]

The Perfect Workout Jacket

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The Perfect Workout Jacket: “This gem of a piece should win a prize for versatility!  It feels just as at home on a chilly fall morning along the hiking trail as it does in a downtown coffeeshop later on in the afternoon!  In fact, when I first got it, I was afraid that it seemed […]

Armpits4August: PCOS Awareness & Self-Esteem

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The Pits by Shay Skinner “Hey Alyssa, real quick before you head out would you mind taking a few pictures of me?” I raise my arms enthusiastically. Rolling her eyes, laughing, and nodding in agreement, “Sure Shay. But you know, it’s September already.  News flash, August is over. I think it’s safe to shave off the […]

Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of Walking – Fitness

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To me, a workout involves breathing heavily and breaking a sweat.  Is that how you classify getting some good exercise?  Although enjoyable, I didn’t used to consider my evening walks with my family true exercise. But I recently stumbled across some impressive and encouraging information, which helped me to appreciate that walking is much better […]

Life in a National Park

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Our family joins the 800,000 out there furloughed due to the government shut down. Politics aside, this affects many people. We are thankful that our past financial decisions allow us to enjoy a little extra time home with Daddy. However, not only does the shut-down touch our lives from the career perspective, but our very […]

Running Pant Review: The Sprinter Capri

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This past spring, I tested out Stonewear Designs’ new running tight, the Sprinter Capri. I’m the kind of girl who normally wears whatever running tight is on sale at Old Navy or Target, so getting to try out a high-end compression tight for my first half-marathon of the year was quite a treat. I figured the best […]