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Nutrition Month – 10 Heart Happy Meal Ideas from ambassadors

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March is National Nutrition Month, so we asked our team to share their favorite heart (and tastebud!) happy meals. Tell us below, what’s on your list? Oats seem to be the trendiest item on ours! 10 Heart Happy Meal Ideas: 1. One of my favorite easy lunches is to toss together a rinsed can of […]

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6 Steps to Healthy Competition

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6 Steps to Healthy Competition by Dana Waggener I live in Boulder, Colo.–a place of complete outdoor sports obsession. In Boulder, professional athletes run wild through the streets and on the trail. And these aren’t the kind of professional athletes that throw baseballs or pigskins. I’m talking about professional climbers, runners, cyclists, and their dirty counter-parts, […]

49 Running Songs for Your Spring Training

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49 Running Songs for Your Spring Training We’re gearing up for more running as spring approaches. And we’re ready to say goodbye to both the snow and our boring old playlists. Here’s what we’re listening to on our runs and during our workouts. Have something to add to this list? Drop us a line on […]

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Dog: Woman’s Best Adventure Friend

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Dogs: Woman’s Best Adventure Friend By Beth Bault A good adventure partner is hard to find. Too often, plans will fall through with a late night text message or an “Oh, I’ve made other plans” response to a confirmation phone call. Even the most stalwart of human adventure partners may not be inspired by the […]

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Women’s Running Tank Review

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Tech Tip: Fit for Run -the new Space-Dye Performance Fabric This spring, Stonewear Designs has introduced a unique, high performance fabric that fits as the perfect companion for your all of your runs. The new space-dye high-performance fabric is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable.  This makes for the most ideal spring weather fabric for your favorite […]