Georgie Abel Takes the Dynamic Pant to the Top

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Georgie Abel Takes the Dynamic Pant to the Top

Dynamic Pant
Dynamic Pants are as tough as the rock Georgie climbs.


Ever since I started climbing, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of pants. I found brands that were either stylish, durable, or comfortable, but never all of the above. Thankfully, the new Dynamic Pants from Stonewear Designs are cute enough to wear out to lunch, tough enough to hold up on a big wall, and comfortable enough to sleep in.
These pants also come with tons of awesome features that support and empower the female climber. I love the stretchy waist band instead of a zipper. It’s not only super comfortable in a harness, it’s easier to take a quick bathroom break without having to take the harness off. That’s bonus time on the rock!

Dynamic Pant
Cinch up the Dynamic Pants for your foot work.

You can also cinch them at the ankle so you can heel hook, toe hook, and see small feet without any fabric getting in the way. While other durable pants tend to hinder movement, the Dynamic Pants are also stretchy and won’t prevent you from doing an above-the-head heel hook. There’s also a convenient zipper pocket that sits below your harness leg loops so you can easily stash and access your phone or energy bars. I’m so glad I found these pants…they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Georgie Abel

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