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Nutrition Month – 10 Heart Happy Meal Ideas from ambassadors

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March is National Nutrition Month, so we asked our team to share their favorite heart (and tastebud!) happy meals. Tell us below, what’s on your list? Oats seem to be the trendiest item on ours! 10 Heart Happy Meal Ideas: 1. One of my favorite easy lunches is to toss together a rinsed can of […]

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Power Foods to Energize Your Day & Fuel Your Workout

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Power Foods to Energize Your Day & Fuel Your Workout by Tami Mittan While talk of eating super foods for their numerous health benefits–from staving off cancer, to lowering your blood pressure and promoting weight loss–is all the rage these days, let’s set those aside for a moment.  I’d like to chat about power foods. […]

Fit for Fall: Recipe Roundup for Back to School Season

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We all know how difficult it can be to eat well while balancing changing seasons, work, family, friends, and fitness. But, taking good care of yourself (aka eating well and getting your exercise in) is key to managing a busy life (check out Ambassador Amelia Mayer’s reasoning on this topic here)! Use these helpful and […]

7 Can’t Miss Healthy Cooking Tips

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  Has this happened to you? You learn about some evil food that you should never, ever eat. And then a few months later you find out it’s actually good for you? These mixed pieces of advice are frustrating. If you’re as confused as we sometimes are when it comes to nutrition, then you may […]

Vitamin Supplements: Smart Strength Training?

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We received a question from one of our awesome Twitter friends about vitamins, supplements, and their place in fitness. Here’s what we discovered: With the availability of pretty much every type of vitamin supplement you could dream up (in delicious gummy and chocolate forms, no less!), women are wondering about the health benefits and drawbacks […]