Spring Transitions: Tempo Bra and Vibe Shorts

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As I shift out of winter bouldering season and into trail running, outdoor yoga, and sport climbing, I’m trading in my long pants and jackets for Stonewear’s new spring line. For all warm-weather activities, I especially love the new Tempo Bra and Vibe Shorts. This is my go-to outfit for running, yoga, and rock climbing. […]

Yoga Tips: How to Safely Practice Chaturanga Dandasana

While it looks simple on the surface, anyone who’s practiced it knows Chaturanga Dandasana is one of yoga’s toughest poses. To do it in safe postural alignment, in the split-second flow on the way to Down Dog or Cobra can be even more challenging. In a typical vinyasa yoga class, you practice Low Plank (more accurately known as Four-Limbed Staff pose) upwards […]

Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival

Bishop, California is a bouldering epicenter, a place that any climber recognizes, and a place that we need no excuse to visit. When we heard that there was going to be a Women’s Climbing Festival there, we HAD to go! Thanks to the fabulous ladies at Flash Foxy for putting on an inspiring and unique event […]

What We’re Wearing: Venus Dress

I love living in California because of its fantastic weather! Winter is gentle with a long period of cool, and a short period of cold. It can be tricky for me to dress for an all day outing when the sun shines warm into the afternoon and the temps cool quickly in the evenings. The […]

Resolutions and Remembering 2015

Natalie Duran Favorite 2015 Accomplishment My most notable accomplishment in 2015 is grounding myself in a mental way. It is always hard to stay calm, cool, and collected when living in a big city like Los Angeles. Never did I really take a moment to reflect on what I am most grateful in life. This […]

The Process: A Journey of Sending

Laying in shavasana, corpse pose, you’re supposed to be absolutely still with awareness for your body. I’m supposed to be emptying my mind and relaxing, but not falling asleep. It’s meditative, and especially for me, releases much of the anxiety and negative energy that I hold on to daily. They say it takes more energy […]

Yoga for Holiday Stress Relief

While the holidays offer the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, to celebrate life and cultivate gratitude, they are not without their pitfalls. From poor eating habits to the challenges of going back home, yoga offers solutions to help you enjoy this busy, but fun, time of year. Fatigue While traveling over […]

Five Yoga Poses for Winter Travel

As the busiest season for travel gets underway, you can expect to spend many hours crammed into a compact seated position. Not the best for your posture, your back or your mood! If you’re lucky enough to travel by car, you might have a somewhat comfortable seat, or as a passenger, the ability to at […]

Sending Spain: Climbing Catalonia – Part 1

By: Valarie Anderson, Stonewear Ambassador Last year Louie and I took a trip to France to celebrate our honeymoon. We have the fortune of knowing two wonderful people who lived in France then, and now in Spain. Together Bruce and Alisa run Raison d’Art, a summer retreat for youth and adults. Their programs include Spanish language emersion, art, culinary, rock climbing, […]

Exploring Cotopaxi and Machu Picchu

Last fall I had the opportunity to tick off a life list trip to South America. The adventure would include stops in Peru and Ecuador and posed quite the packing challenge. My three week adventure included warm weather activities like snorkeling and kayaking in the Galapagos (read: tropical humidity!) followed by high altitude hiking on […]