Blast from the Past

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After 16 years and hundreds of different styles of clothing, Stonewear Designs has refined its clothing line. But we did have some goodies in the past. Check out some fun photos we dug out from the archives.

Ask: Best in Black

Question: I love my black Precis Stretch Liberty pant, and I wear it all the time. What’s the best way to keep the material from fading over time? We love our darkest-colored clothes—our little black Tulip dress, our inky Lyra tank, and our most important wardrobe piece, the coal-colored Liberty pant. Stonewear’s special athletic stretchy, […]

Voice: Welcome to the Stonewear Community!

If you’re reading this you are likely a mom, full-time worker, business owner, high-powered executive or otherwise motivated, busy woman. But, you are a busy woman who dreams big and stays fit, right? That’s why you are part of the Stonewear Community. We offer you clothes that make your life easier and subsequently more fun. […]

The Spring Collection is Here! Get a sneak peak…

Stonewear Designs’s Spring 2012 collection is finally here! Below is a sneak peak of our Spring collection that is now available on the website. Check out the website so you can be the first to show off our beautiful new Carousel print and our new Kaia Halter Top! With the fabulous fabrics we discover, Stonewear Designs creates separates that cross-coordinate through style, […]

Shout: What's going on in the community?

In this, our Shout Department, we highlight local community events that Stonewear supports, such as the HERA Climb4Life events held in Boston, Mass., Boulder, Colo., Salt Lake City, Utah, and Las Vegas Nevada. We will also be highlighting events that our employees, staff, or ambassadors participate in around the country.

Discover: Inspirational stories about the amazing things women do

In our Discover Department we are publishing articles and videos about the inspiring experiences of women in the Stonewear Community. We may feature someone overcoming cancer, running their first 5K, or climbing a big wall in a foreign country. And while we may feature extraordinary accomplishments and amazing insights women have while participating in their […]

Shout: Find out what's happening in the community

The Shout Department features any and all events the Stonewear Community is involved in, whether the four HERA Climb4Life events that we sponsor, any number of climbing events that we co-sponsor with our brother company, the rock-climbing focused Trango, or events that our employees or Grassroots Team is involve in.

Ask: Ask us any technical questions you might have

Ask us any question about fabric, our clothes, or whatever is on your mind. We’ll try to answer it on our blog and feature it in our enewsletter and on social media. If you have a question, please send it to