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Nutrition Month – 10 Heart Happy Meal Ideas from ambassadors

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March is National Nutrition Month, so we asked our team to share their favorite heart (and tastebud!) happy meals. Tell us below, what’s on your list? Oats seem to be the trendiest item on ours! 10 Heart Happy Meal Ideas: 1. One of my favorite easy lunches is to toss together a rinsed can of […]

Terri Barry Heart Walk

Climbing Goals are Moving Targets

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Goals Should be Moving Targets… Right? Goals Should be Moving Targets… Right? By Terri Barry, Stonewear Designs Ambassador I have always been very goal oriented. Soon after I started climbing I formulated two climbing goals. The first was to climb 5.12 in the gym. Consistently top roping 5.12a would do. The second was to be […]

The Women’s Wilderness Institute: Empowerment in the Outdoors

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The Women’s Wilderness Institute: Empowerment in the Outdoors by Tali Koziol The first time I went climbing was with a boyfriend. It sucked. He said he would teach me, and he did. He taught me how to belay. Really well. Turns out my fella only wanted a Belay Bunny. When he let me try a […]

Running at Any Age: How Old is Too Old?

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Running at Any Age: How Old Is Too Old? By Terri Barry My sister-in-Law, Karen Karbo, an awesome bestselling author recently coined this phrase: “Imagine a life where you are never too anything for anything.”  -Karen Karbo Coming home from my most recent climbing trip my climbing partner, in his mid-30’s, asked me if I […]

Best Running Clothes for Fall

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The Best Fall Running Top I’ve always been a fan of running in insulated compression shirts (I’m pretty sure it’s a result of wearing them as a softball player in Washington and Maine). If I need more warmth, I just add another layer. That was until I tried Stonewear’s new Alpha Hoody. This fall, the […]

Life in a National Park

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Our family joins the 800,000 out there furloughed due to the government shut down. Politics aside, this affects many people. We are thankful that our past financial decisions allow us to enjoy a little extra time home with Daddy. However, not only does the shut-down touch our lives from the career perspective, but our very […]

Our 2013-2014 Ambassador Team!

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We received so many impressive applications to our 2013-2014 Ambassador Program this summer, and had some pretty difficult decisions to make! Each ambassador applicant had something unique and amazing to offer, and we loved connecting with new women and communities. We want to thank everyone who sent in applications and recommendations–we hope to stay in […]

Apply for a 2013-2014 Stonewear Designs Ambassadorship!

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Download the 2013-2014 Stonewear Designs Ambassador Application (PDF Version)! Stonewear Designs Grassroots Ambassador Application (Microsoft Word Version) Do you lead an active sports lifestyle? Are you involved in your community, and/or do you give back to the world with your energy and time? If so, join our group of inspiring active women and apply to become a […]