Spring Transitions: Tempo Bra and Vibe Shorts

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As I shift out of winter bouldering season and into trail running, outdoor yoga, and sport climbing, I’m trading in my long pants and jackets for Stonewear’s new spring line. For all warm-weather activities, I especially love the new Tempo Bra and Vibe Shorts. This is my go-to outfit for running, yoga, and rock climbing. […]

How to Improve Your Fitness with Interval Training

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How to Improve Your Fitness with Interval Training by Erica Lineberry While I would consider myself to be first and foremost a climber, not a runner, I do enjoy that predictable rhythm that comes from pounding the pavement on a crisp, sunny day.  However, I do occasionally find myself in the doldrums of monotony somewhere around […]

Running at Any Age: How Old is Too Old?

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Running at Any Age: How Old Is Too Old? By Terri Barry My sister-in-Law, Karen Karbo, an awesome bestselling author recently coined this phrase: “Imagine a life where you are never too anything for anything.”  -Karen Karbo Coming home from my most recent climbing trip my climbing partner, in his mid-30’s, asked me if I […]

On Mountain Biking + Being Humbled

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By Dana Waggener I consider myself an outdoor athlete. I consider myself fit, strong, and adventurous. I train for climbing 2-3 days a week, run 2-3 days a week, go to yoga, and complete weight training sessions on a regular basis. I train indoors to reach my goals for climbing, running, and skiing. Staying fit […]

Why do you run?

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We took to Twitter to ask you, why do you run? This is what our followers said. What about you? Do you run for the love of running or for another reason? @AColoradoGal said: @Stonewear I #run because I love it. Granted, I burn out from time to time, but always start itching to get back on […]


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The following piece was written by one of our catalog models and running friends who recently ran her first marathon. She used to dread the idea of running more than one mile. Now, she’s conquering 26.2 of them. I’ve never considered myself much of a runner. In fact, I used to hate the thought of […]

How To Perfect Your Running Form

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To achieve your best race results, you’ve got to run efficiently. How? Your body needs to be relaxed with good form. More than anything else, practicing good running form will carry you to the finish line safely and enjoyably–whether you’re doing a 5k or 100 miles (though, if you’re still running at Mile 100, then […]