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Spring Running Clothes – Stonewear Designs Review

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Spring Running Clothes Review by Terri Barry My spring as a Stonewear Designs Ambassador is in full swing. I received my spring selections last week and the weather here in Sacramento must have gotten the memo because after only a few weeks of winter, it’s become beautiful, warm, and sunny. So, I immediately tried out […]

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Climbing Goals are Moving Targets

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Goals Should be Moving Targets… Right? Goals Should be Moving Targets… Right? By Terri Barry, Stonewear Designs Ambassador I have always been very goal oriented. Soon after I started climbing I formulated two climbing goals. The first was to climb 5.12 in the gym. Consistently top roping 5.12a would do. The second was to be […]

Hoody Review: Take on the Rocks in the Lola Hoody

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Hoody Review: Take on the Rocks in the Lola Hoody by Terri Barry This last August, as a brand new Stonewear Designs Ambassador, I thumbed through the Fall 2013 Stonewear Designs catalog. The first item I chose was the Lola Hoody. The fabric alone was enough to get my attention. Performance Jersey, 89% polyester and […]

Running at Any Age: How Old is Too Old?

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Running at Any Age: How Old Is Too Old? By Terri Barry My sister-in-Law, Karen Karbo, an awesome bestselling author recently coined this phrase: “Imagine a life where you are never too anything for anything.”  -Karen Karbo Coming home from my most recent climbing trip my climbing partner, in his mid-30’s, asked me if I […]

Our 2013-2014 Ambassador Team!

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We received so many impressive applications to our 2013-2014 Ambassador Program this summer, and had some pretty difficult decisions to make! Each ambassador applicant had something unique and amazing to offer, and we loved connecting with new women and communities. We want to thank everyone who sent in applications and recommendations–we hope to stay in […]