Hot Yoga Shorts: For a Sizzling Bikram Class or Just Cooling Off

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I admit, I am a very late convert to hot yoga shorts. My instructors back at Boulder Bikram Yoga used to come over and say, “Where are your knees? I can’t tell if your legs are straight. Don’t be shy.” I’d smile and think something along the lines of, Don’t bother me. I’m concentrating. That particular […]

Shine: What She Actually Does, Meet Tonya Clement

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Tonya Clement may be a little lady at just over five feet, 3 inches tall, but there’s nothing small about the amount of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement this 48-year-old brings to life. Whether it’s writing a book about post-Everest married life, climbing mountains for peace or to save mountain gorillas, or running Colorado’s most successful […]

Girls (& boys) Just Want to Have Fun at the Red Rock Rendezvous

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This year, Stonewear Designs decided to join its brother company Trango Extraordinary Climbing at the Red Rock Rendezvous, a rock climbing event in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just outside of Las Vegas, Nev. The Stonewear Team (in this case blog editor Lizzy Scully and guest team member Casey Jones) brought some neat outfits down, […]

Lojong Slogans

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My favorite Buddhist teacher, Pema Chodron, teaches that any person, of any faith, can awaken her mind and expand her viewpoint with the 59 traditional Buddhist Lojong slogans. Essentially proverbs, these slogans offer us methods for relating to the world in a more positive way. You don’t have to be Buddhist to understand the meaning […]

What Women Want Survey Results

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Congratulations to Rina Coury, the winner of the What Women Want Survey! Here are some of the results. Have questions? Post them on our Facebook page. Prior to launching our LiveStonewear! blog, accompanying E-newsletter, and our social media platforms, we wanted to get an idea of where women in our market got their news, what […]

Discover: Flo-Jo Mojo

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“I’m going to make it!” I think running up the rocky, 3-mile mountain biking trail. “Sweet! I’m going to make it,” I shout to the pines and the blue sky. And then I gasp. Still a half-mile to go. I’m no FloJo. Pace yourself, Lizzy. For the 20th or so time this winter I jog up […]

Shout: What's going on in the community?

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In this, our Shout Department, we highlight local community events that Stonewear supports, such as the HERA Climb4Life events held in Boston, Mass., Boulder, Colo., Salt Lake City, Utah, and Las Vegas Nevada. We will also be highlighting events that our employees, staff, or ambassadors participate in around the country.

Discover: Inspirational stories about the amazing things women do

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In our Discover Department we are publishing articles and videos about the inspiring experiences of women in the Stonewear Community. We may feature someone overcoming cancer, running their first 5K, or climbing a big wall in a foreign country. And while we may feature extraordinary accomplishments and amazing insights women have while participating in their […]

Shout: Find out what's happening in the community

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The Shout Department features any and all events the Stonewear Community is involved in, whether the four HERA Climb4Life events that we sponsor, any number of climbing events that we co-sponsor with our brother company, the rock-climbing focused Trango, or events that our employees or Grassroots Team is involve in.